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Chapter 1 Excerpt 

“Mind your business.” Kim snarled at Renee. “I’m watching my figure.”


“Darius has that task under control,” Vance chimed in and soon pounded Darius’ fist.


Darius winked at Kim and then made his way back to where he once stood leaning against the dual-level granite top island in Monica and Keith’s open kitchen-dining area.


“You’re slimming down awfully quick,” Renee said with a raised eyebrow. “I hope you really aren’t trying to starve yourself.”


“Whatever. I have me under control. I’ve just had a stomach bug for a while and it’s caused me to lose weight in the past couple of weeks. Nothing to fret over.” Kim mustered up a daring look at them as she took a sip of water, hoping to divert their attention elsewhere.

Darius stood nearby listening and quietly observing Kim as the women brought up the point about her weight loss. He had noticed, too. Whenever he asked her about the rapid shift in her weight, she quickly dismissed him and suspended his thoughts as she made him reach sexual peaks he never did with any other woman.


Kim noticed Darius’s unnerving stare and spoke up, directing her attention back to Renee seeing as though everyone else seemed to be still waiting on her to say something. “Sissy, so what the food looks good.” Kim couldn’t even bring herself to elaborate on how good she knew the food was given that each of them could throw down in the kitchen. Her lack of appetite kept her from enjoying any of it. “I just have to scale back and make better food choices to keep this svelte figure of mine.” She didn’t even bother to stand up and do her signature spin and frame her silhouette with her hands since she felt another coughing bout coming on. She stood up and rushed to the bathroom. This time she knew she had to vomit the little food that she had eaten.

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