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Chapter 1 Excerpt

...Pam joined Renee in the oversized seat and Monica squatted in front of them.


“Renee, what’s wrong, sweetie?” Pam asked.


It took a moment for it to register where she was and who was speaking to her. When she finally did stare into the faces of her friends, she worked hard to hold back the tears trying to escape her eyes. She knew if she stayed there any longer, out would come the skeleton in her closet.


She still hadn’t fully digested the resurgence of the emotions that had been taunting her since Brandon’s file had reappeared on her desk. She knew she wasn’t ready to share with the sisterhood what was going on with her, no matter how close they were. “Nothing.” Her voice trembled as she jumped from her seat and rushed out of the house to her car.


Pam and Monica ran after her. “Renee, come back.” They stood in the doorway, no longer seeing Renee’s taillights. They looked at each other, and Monica spoke up, “First it was me that needed an intervention, then it was you, and now it seems like we have to get to the bottom of whatever is troubling Renee.” she sighed.


“Yeah, but sadly like Kim said earlier, Renee hasn’t been the same since Ted. I think getting her to open about whatever is going on with her is going to be a lot more work than it took for you and I.”

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