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Chapter 1

“Hello, sir. My name is Monica Sutton. My date, Jordan Smith, should be here already,” Monica said excitedly to the maitre’d.


“Okay let me check…yes, I see that Mr. Smith has checked in already. Would you like for me to take your coat?”


“Yes, thank you.”


“Your hostess, Rayna, will escort you to your seat now.”


Monica inched closer and closer to her table and noticed that Jordan, with his chiseled jawline, smooth caramel skin, and onyx-hued eyes, was even more handsome than his pictures online. Rayna stopped four feet short of the table and alerted Jordan to Monica’s arrival. They had chatted online for two days and talked on the phone for three weeks before they agreed to meet face to face. Now, his facial expression told it all; he was displeased with what he saw. Unsure of how the rest of the night would go, Monica took her seat. She knew that the pictures she posted of herself on the website were from her neck up. She lied about her body type in the profile. She said that she was athletic. Every time he asked her for a full body picture, she would tell him that her camera was broken. He accepted this excuse every time, admitting that her voice was just too sexy and sultry for her to be lying about the way she looked.


“Hi, Jordan. How are you?” Monica said in that same sultry voice she had used whenever they talked on the phone. She extended her right hand to shake his.


“Hi, Monica. I’m uh, I’m okay.” He was curt and shook her hand, averting eye contact.


“So how was your day?” Monica asked, hoping to engage him in conversation and make eye contact.


“It was very long. I’m exhausted.” Jordan feigned a yawn.


“Oh, you sounded so energized when we spoke before I got here.”


“Well, things have changed,” Jordan said, not trying to mask the annoyance in his voice.


“Jordan, is everything okay?” Monica hoped that he wouldn’t be shallow like all of the other men she fell for.

He paused. “Monica you misled me. You had me thinking that you looked one way, but seeing you now, you’re not who I imagined I’ve been talking to these past weeks. I’m not feeling this. I think it’s best if I leave now. You can stay if you like. I’ll leave enough to cover the bill.”


Jordan excused himself from the table and headed straight for the door. Monica worked hard to hold back the tears that threatened to make her face their temporary home.

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