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All Dr. Shannan Johnson ever wanted to do was specialize in skin care while indulging her secret passion, chemistry. Her unique skin condition mixed with her love for chemistry eventually led her to creating her own makeup line, focusing primarily on foundation. What was once a quiet endeavor has become a well-known product, thanks to supermodel, Liv Summers. Shannan is living a life full of promise and excitement, but will an old flame add to her life in a way she never envisioned?

Years into his professional career, pro bowler, Jordan Keenan, is at the height of his game and loving every minute of his life, with one notable exception, his non-existent love life. He’s never quite been able to get over his first love, Shannan Searcy, who is now known as Dr. Shannan Johnson. Jordan was normally swift to put aside his interest in a woman who’s taken, however, never seeing Shannan wearing a wedding ring when he’s seen her in the limelight, gives him hope. Jordan feels as if he may have a chance to get the life he’s always wanted to share with Shannan after all.


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Vision: Limelight 3


Limelight Series Bundle

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