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Monogamy. Desmond Douglass isn't fond of it. In fact, he's enjoying the bachelor life with no desire to ever be tied down to just one woman. Owning one of the hottest bars in town and continuing his father's legacy has been a lifelong dream of his. But a nagging city councilman is determined to warp his vision and the bombshell of beauty ignoring his advances seek to curtail the great reality he has planned for himself.

With the magic she worked on her long-term, high-profile client, makeup artist, Simone Gadberry, has become the most sought after in the industry. Her heightened fame has presented new paths for her career to travel. As if that’s not enough for her to deal with, her bond with her best friend forces her to interact more with Desmond, the pesky bar owner that just won’t take no for an answer. Is it possible for her to find a new niche with her career and successfully brush off Desmond’s advances or will his pursuit yield more than what she bargained for?


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Tones: Limelight 2


Limelight Series Bundle

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