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Reserved and career-focused Miriam Caldwell didn't get to where she is today by half-stepping her efforts. But when her best friend convinces her to participate in The Kissing Game, a new social experiment, it just may be the first thing she shirks away from. She’s convinced there's no way sparks can fly with one kiss. Except the architect is in for a pleasantly rude awakening when she goes through with the experiment only to find out that she’s just kissed the enemy.


Shawn Lafayette can't believe that the woman who literally stole his breath with her passionate kisses is none other than Miriam, his buttoned-up co-worker and rival for the huge promotion he's been trying to land for years. Forgetting Miriam's soft lips proves harder than he ever expected and he soon realizes that the best way to get over his attraction to his intriguing competition, is to stop fighting the feelings he's always had in his heart. Miriam may not want to take their relationship to another - once deemed forbidden - level, but Shawn is willing to prove to Miriam that they can build something great with the foundation they already have.


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The Kissing Game: Love Alive 1


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