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All Jeremy Brighton ever wanted to do was be a chef and own his own restaurant. Failed attempts at sustaining his dream sends him back to Chicago where he knows his restaurant can thrive. Problem is, the prime location for his neighborhood is in major need of revitalization. A bachelor auction planned to raise the remaining funds necessary to restore the hood may be the remedy to Southlake’s problem, but there's no way Jeremy would ever agree to be a bachelor in the auction. Will his stubbornness cost him his restaurant dreams?

Naima Grant has moved to Chicago for several reasons: to be closer to her favorite cousin; to spend more time with her grandmother; and to put as much distance as she can from the life she once shared with her ex-husband. Southlake Park may be her good luck charm, especially when she learns she’ll be spending some much-needed time with her childhood crush. Yet just like before, he only sees her as a friend, but she plans to make the most of their time together whether he’s ready for her or not.


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The Bid Catcher: Distinguished Gentlemen Series


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