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What do you do when the guilt of your past hinders the peace of your present?


Elementary teacher, Pam Robinson struggles with the answer to that question when she chooses to leave the life she knew in pursuit of a more fulfilling one, but the weight of her past just won’t leave her alone. She’s forced to deal with her overbearing mother; her loving but invasive best friends, The Sisterhood; and now, the unwanted advances of Vance as she searches for peace.


Vance Sutherland is the principal of Jensen Academy and has been smitten by Pam since the day he met her, but she’s made it clear that the difference between them is too much for them to overcome. How can he get her to see that he’s the one for her? Will he come to terms with a nightmare from his past?


Discover the past, present, and futures of Pam Robinson, Vance Sutherland, and many others when you open up “Discovery”.


Click here for digital version of Discovery

Discovery: Sisterhood Chronicles 2


Sisterhood Book Bundle

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