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Chapter 17 Excerpt

...“Well, word on the street is, you are the best artist in town and like I said I love art. I think it’s important for us black folks, especially us entrepreneurs, to stick together and network. We never know what may come of us joining forces together.”


Melanie smiled. “I agree.”


“Plus, I heard that you were a cutie and I had to come see for myself.” Damon winked at her.


She pursed her lips and cocked her head to the side before speaking to him. “In this day and age, if you really wanted to see how I look, you could’ve checked any of my social media.” She folded her arms and slowly batted her eyes at him.


The dimples in his cheeks flirted with her as he smiled at her. He laughed some as he rubbed his strong jawline. “Yes, I know that’s possible and I did, to be quite honest with you.”


“What, so now you’re stalking me? Do I need to be worried about you?” She narrowed in her stare on him.


Karen had composed herself and was now in the gallery near Melanie. She had heard all of Melanie and Damon’s conversation. She thought he was cute and would be a good candidate for Melanie to go on a date with.


“I’m not stalking you, although I do admire you. After looking at your Facebook page, I decided that since I want to get to know you, I would be man enough to ask you out on a date face to face, since you made your place of employment public and invite people to visit your gallery. If that’s alright with you?”


Melanie stood still. She honestly did not know what to say; she had a gorgeous, black, educated, established man in front of her who was ready to get to know her. Although she flirted with him moments earlier, thoughts of Aaron drifted into her head.


Karen moved in closer to Melanie, but kept her back to Melanie’s. She whispered as best as she could. “You heard the man. He asked you out on a date. What do ya say to that?”


Damon laughed.


Melanie tightened her lips, but then spoke to Damon. “Would you excuse me for a moment?” She gave him a half smile before turning to face Karen. “What are you doing? He can hear you.”


“Oh.” Karen held a straight face.


Melanie continued talking to Karen, “I don’t know this man. He just appears out of nowhere saying he’s checked out my page and wants to take me on a date and you’re okay with that? He might be crazy.”


“I promise you I’m not crazy and if you give me the opportunity to court you, I guarantee it’ll be worth your wild.” Damon smiled as Melanie’s back still faced him. He stuffed his hands in his pocket as he awaited her response.


Melanie’s eyes widened.


Karen laughed. “Talking about him hearing me? Apparently he can hear the both of us.”


Melanie looked back at Damon again. “Excuse us for a second.” She gave him a tight lipped smile.


He nodded his head then turned to look at the piece to the right of him.


Melanie pushed Karen out of earshot of Damon.


“Why are you so tense right now? Lighten up. A fine brother practically fell in your lap and you’re hesitating giving him a chance?” Karen took her shades off to make eye contact with Melanie.


“Put them back on until you get to the studio.” Melanie shook her head.


“Oh whatever, but seriously, why the hesitation?”


Melanie scrunched her face in confusion.


Karen smiled. “It’s Aaron, isn’t it? Make up your mind. Either you’re going to really give him a chance, give his plan a chance, or leave him alone all together. We’ve been through too much emotionally to constantly be tangled up with unnecessary emotional baggage.”


“But I don’t know this guy.” Melanie folded her arms across her chest.


“True, but that’s how you get to know him, by accepting his date. Either you’re gonna find out that you like him and wanna give him a chance or that you really do like Aaron and want to start something with him.”

Melanie sighed.


“One date. Give it a shot. Unless of course you already know that you want Aaron...

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