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Prologue Excerpt

...“Hi Auntie Paula.” Pam sang as she went to the dish rack to grab a cup.


“Hi Pammie, how are you doing today?”


“She would be doing a lot better if she used her head instead of her hormones.”


“Momma, please stop being so dramatic. I know I made a mistake, but you don’t have to keep throwing it in my face.”


“Well, I ain’t gon’ do it behind your back. Open rebuke is good for you.”


Pam stood silent brooding. She wanted to let her mother have a good tongue lashing at times, but she knew better than that. She took a big gulp of her water trying to calm herself down. “Don’t worry momma, as soon as my place is done I’ll be out of your hair.”


“You’re not in my hair, you’re in my house. I raised you better than being somebody’s fool. I don’t understand why you didn’t do your homework on him. I don’t care how charming he may have been, you shouldn’t have been his fool. Ain’t no man worth your salvation. Had you took the time to get to know him, brought him here to meet us, I would have been able to judge his character. That’s why your brothers’ marriages have lasted as long as they have. I met their wives, assessed their characters, and confirmed to both of my sons that each of their women were a great catch.”


“Eilene, be quiet. You aren’t always right.  Sometimes you have to let kids learn from their own mistakes.”


“Kids? She ain’t a kid. She’s thirty-two years old.”


“I know that momma, you remind me of my age and what I did every day.” Pam took a deep breath. “I wish you would be here to comfort me while I’m learning from my mistakes instead of condemning me. You make me feel like I’m not wanted here.” Pam stormed out, but her exit wasn’t as productive as she would have liked it to be. She ended up in her room in her parents’ house.

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