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Chapter 1 Excerpt

“I swear I love to run, I just hate doing it so early in the morning. It’s dark out here. Where are you Mr. Sun?” Melanie slowed her pace and extended her open arms to the dark skies.


Karen shuffled backward in front of Melanie.


“He’s waiting on you to stop complaining and get ready to embrace him.”


“Karen, watch out.”




Karen almost did a backward flip over a man kneeling to tie his shoes, but somehow he managed to catch her before she hit the ground.


He took his headphones out. “Are you okay?” He placed her back on her feet.


“Yes, I’m okay. I’m so sorry for bumping into you like that.” She allowed one hand to keep its grip on his firm bicep and used the other to pat her short pixie hairdo to make sure her hair was still intact.


They were so close that she could feel his washboard abs contract up against her breasts as he breathed.


She closed her eyes for a second taking in the sporty scent of his cologne. She exhaled deeply and opened her eyes again.


He let go of her when he realized she had fully regained her balance. Kyle lost himself in her dark brown eyes. He smiled inwardly at how her long eyelashes looked as if they were tickling her eyelid from all the blinking that she was doing.


Melanie ran closer to them. “You okay girl?” She looked at Kyle. “Hi, I’m Melanie and this here helpless pup is Karen.”


Karen worked hard to pull her attention away from Kyle’s full lips. They looked so kissable. She shot a skeptical look at Melanie. She returned her gaze back to the dark caramel coated handsome man and was grateful that her mocha skin hid her blushing cheeks.


He smirked. “Hi Melanie. Hi Karen. I’m Kyle.”


Karen quivered from the bass in his voice.


“So Kyle, we’ve never seen you out here before, what brings you out here so early in the morning?” Melanie asked since Karen could not seem to find her voice.


Kyle stared at Karen. “I like running early in the morning before anyone else is out here. Just me and my thoughts. It’s also good conditioning for what I do.”


“Oh really?” Melanie nudged Karen with her elbow.


Karen cleared her throat. Her perfectly arched eyebrows lifted. “So, what is it that you do Kyle?”


He loved to hear her speak. Her smoky voice captivated him. “I’m a professional basketball player.”


“You mean NBA professional basketball type of player?” Karen stepped back from him with a snarl on her lips and the sudden recognition of who he was.


“Yes,” Kyle spoke slowly noting Karen’s sudden change in her mood.


Melanie noticed Karen’s deflated mood as well.


“Karen, I hope I’m not being too forward, and I know we just met, but can I take you out sometime? I want to get to know you more.” Kyle was not use to women backing off from him like she seemed to be doing so he did not know what to do with himself standing there waiting for her response. He normally would be storing the woman’s number in his phone at that point.


The sun was rising. The vibrant hues of yellow and orange melted the darkness of the skies as it kissed the water.


Karen averted eye contact with him. “Sorry, I can’t, I’m taken. Come on Melanie, let’s go.”


Karen and Melanie took off running again.


The beautiful backdrop of the sun rising should have served as the perfect scenery to start Kyle and Karen’s romance at that time. However, instead Kyle stood under it alone, wondering how he had held Karen’s attention with his eyes one moment and in the very next, she would not even look into them.


“Girl slow down.” Melanie drew in deep breaths trying to slow her heart rate down. “I want to know why you just lied to that fine man saying that you’re taken?  By who and why haven’t I met him?”


“Whatever.” Karen kept looking ahead.


“Why didn’t you take Kyle up on his offer for a date? You couldn’t stop gawking at him, barely said two words to him, so I know you like him.”


Karen picked up her pace.


“Stop.” Melanie pulled on Karen’s arm with enough force to stop their run.


“What’s up? You talk about wanting a great man to pursue you, but whenever they try, you shoot them down. You just had an NBA player gawk at you and ask you out, and you turn him down. Why?”


“That’s exactly why I turned him down, he’s an NBA player. That means a horrible reputation with women precedes him.” Karen took off running again.

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