All Things Considered Heart Chalk Option

Chapter 2 Excerpt

Renee had just finished unpacking her suitcase when there was a knock at her hotel door. “Just a minute,” she said as she stopped at the floor length mirror on the wall and made sure her hair was smoothed down. Since she had been dating Andrew, she found herself making sure she was more kempt than what she used to before him.


She pulled the door opened and smiled at how he smiled at her. His almost black, piercing eyes always seemed to widen with admiration for her.


“Hello, beautiful.” He stepped into the room and pulled her into his arms.


“Drew.” She giggled. “We were just on the plane ride here together and your room is next door. You’re hugging me like you haven’t seen me in ages. We’ve only been out of each other’s sights long enough to unpack.” Although she brought up the way he held her, she couldn’t help but relax in his firm arms and embrace his nearness to her.


“Anytime away from you is too long.” He dipped her back and tried to go in for a kiss, but he found himself tripping over the hem of her long skirt. “Renee.”


“Sorry.” She stepped back and bunched up her skirt at both sides. Although she had loads of material in her hands, the black skirt still managed to be well past her shins.


“Renee,” he chuckled and held on to her arms, making sure she was sound on her feet after they both had almost fell, “I love you as you are, but when the length of your skirts often leaves us in hazardous situations, maybe it’s time to take a few inches, yards off. Maybe even wear pants sometimes.”

Renee averted eye contact with him and tried to step back, but he moved in closer to her and dropped his arms around her. “Hey, look at me.” He waited until she locked eyes with him before he continued. “You don’t have to change how you dress, I’ll just have to be more careful when I lean in to kiss you.” He smirked.


“You’re right, we’ve almost tripped on account of my skirt lengths at least six times.”


“And that’s just this month,” Andrew said.


Renee opened her mouth to protest, but he took the opportunity to seize her pert mouth with his.


As always, Renee kept her hands to her sides and not really giving in to the kiss, but it was apparent that Andrew was all in.


Andrew finally pulled back from her. “Renee, you know I respect you, right?”


“Yes,” she murmured.


“And have I tried anything with you yet?”




“Well then, you should know that I would never try to take it there with you. I know what you’re about. And like I’ve told you before, I love it about you. I’mma wait for you, Renee. I’ll wait for our time.”


“I know, it’s just that—”...

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